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Improving department and technical excellence

Situation A medium sized, UK based medical device company seeking support to improve consistency and clarity in new product development  methodologies to support project delivery and decision making.  Action Revise ‘Stage Gate’ process to ensure fit with all functions of the business, implement monthly review programme and provide  temporary leadership of decision-making meetings.  Introduce an easy to use, compulsory project management toolkit for all projects.  Result  Consistent management of projects providing clear expectations for documentation quality and delivery.  Management team received  clear business updates supporting concise decision-making discussions in monthly ‘Gate meetings’. Internally published 3 year  innovation pipeline categorised by product area with realistic and achievable launch dates. 

University faculty exploring industry support

Situation Health and Social Science faculty wishing to understand the requirements to re-launch an Institute of Woundcare to provide an industry service from bench to bedside product development. Action Review current Woundcare Centres of Excellence, interview other University faculty leaders and external sponsor involvement, identify  areas within the product development lifecycle most aligned with University’s growing capabilities and perform SWOT analysis.  Result  Business case documenting the aspects of an integrated woundcare service, highlight differentiated service offerings, investment  options and value adding activities to industry. Recommend actions and next steps.

Recommendation of offered technology

Situation Large, global medical device company requiring project management expertise to understand whether to progress an offered  technology into development stages. Action Obtain stakeholder thoughts on offered technology and market space. Manage relationship with technology partner.  Use option  framework to analyse and compare possibilities, recommend specific course of action and build business case performing risk mitigation  activities in parallel.  Result  Business Case documenting recommendation to progress into due diligence with the offered technology.  Internal development team  allocated on acceptance of recommendation.

Review of design control procedures

Situation A medium sized, UK based medical device company require support to revise design control process following a minor observation  during a routine BSi review. Action Review current, independently maintained design control procedures across two UK sites. Understand interaction with Change Control  and other site quality processes.  Understand stakeholder and project requirements for revised methodology.  Result  One Design Control process across all sites with a suite of procedures containing guidance and flexibility to account for variation in  project types.  Training delivered to New Product Development Team.  Improvement noted by BSi on return visit.